Timothy Dance, Actor and Model, is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania. A star athlete in multiple sports in high school, Dance went for pure speed becoming an all-state runner in the 100 and 200 meter dash on the Track and Field team. But his skills on the gridiron were also recognized when he received a full football scholarship to a Division One school: The University at Buffalo. Using his outstanding athleticism to advance his education, Dance went on to receive his master’s degree in Business from Nova Southeastern University. Working a variety of jobs after school, Dance went on to earn a substantial living with a large national company. But it would all change when he found his true calling.

Leaving behind what many would consider a comfortable lifestyle, Dance headed for Hollywood. Like thousands of others he encountered the realities of the business, but his persistence, outstanding work ethic and determination to win have led to roles on national commercials and widely distributed independent features.

When Ugg cast Dance with NFL Superstar Tom Brady they knew they needed an equally strong look to complement Brady. The two actors talked football and life and when it came time to shoot, Dance was the only other actor featured in the ad.
Football was also Dance’s calling card in a long-running ad for Aflac where he stole the scene in a locker room setting getting coached up by the Aflac Duck! From Nike to Adidas to Dick’s Sporting Goods and other athletic and sports-associated brands, Dance has been featured in national commercial spots.

Sports again led to a role in the independent film Uncle Nick where Dance was cast as a baseball player in a dramatic sequence featured in the film.

For Timothy Dance fitness and personal success are driving forces in his life. He approaches his career with the same intensity he does his own workouts, with drive, determination and single-mindedness. “It’s the journey,” says Tim, “The path is unpredictable and exciting and along that path I strive for excellence each day.” And that, he believes is the secret to success, happiness and longevity.

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